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Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated homeschool parents looking to enrich homeschool students social interactions by organizing activities through various gatherings and events. Want to know more? Check out our About Us page.

About us!

What do we do?

Through the help/dedication of every involved parent, Kids Unleashed organizes social gatherings and events such as; field trips, science fairs, social gatherings, seasonal parties, spelling bees, clubs and much much more (check out our Events page).


Join the Force!

Join the force by registrating or attending one of our monthly FAQ webinar where we discuss/organized upcoming events or gatherings

Join the Force!

The HomeSchool Dad & Kids Unleashed Blog

Check out The Homeschool Dad blog as well as Kids Unleashed blog! We publish daily inpirational stories about life as a homeschool parent, tips, experiences and much more.


Fun Time

One of the best ways to provide social opportunity to homeschool students is by joining a local homeschool group. Made by parents, Kids Unleashed provides opportunities to homeschool students, such as; educational field trips, social gatherings, games, events etc. Also, join other parents with the same values and beliefs!

Seasonal Gatherings

With the help of parents, Kids Unleashe is able to organized monthly seasonal events. Fall parties, summer parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

Like Minded Parents

Kids Unleashed is made and organized by parents who seek something greater than what is locally provided. We seek to provide the best atmosphere for our kids to grow!


Meet & Greet

We hold Meet & Greet sessions every Monday at 6pm online. Signed up and meet other parents, leaders and join the conversation about upcoming events from the convenience of your phone or computer.

Join Us!

Meet us at the Arcades

Come and join us as we take a break from school and dive in some fun arcades! RSVP for more details or also join our weekly webinar for more information..

Meet us for Volleyball

Come and join us for a fun day for volleyball! RSVP for more details or join our weekly webinar for more inforamation.

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Frequently Asks Questions

A free meet and greet session where questions are answered and discussion of upcoming events are discussed. (like FaceTime)

Attend one of our monthly webinars or contact us for more information.

An Annual membership fee of $30

Any Family that homeschools can signed up for an event/activity

Any additional fees are subject to the events cost. Anyone that signs up for an event/activity That involves in additional fees, must pay upfront to Kids Unleashed or in advance to the event Facility.

We serve the Euless, Bedford and nearby cities but Kids Unleashed is open to everyone!

We hold monthly meetings where we discuss (along with other parents or volunteers) upcoming monthtly events.

Send us a message through our "Contact Us" page and will reply right away! or, Schedule webinar and meet us online every month!

We hold monthly (or somethings more) meetings online. Simply click on the "Schedule a webinar", select the date you wish to join. Once you have schedule, you will received a notification about the meeting. We will reach out to you with a special invite for you to join us! All webinars must be preschedule, you cannot attend without signing up. Seats are LIMITED!

No, however, we do give out special information about upcoming events by attending the webinar and you get to meet us without actually having to drive somewhere ( save gas :)....). If you wish to simply join or meet us up for an event, simply signed up for the events listed in our website, received confirmation, pay fees (if event requires) and come have fun with us.

You get to be a part of an innovative group of parents looking for cutting edge social interactions to benefit their students. You also received a Kids Unleashed virtual ID card, entitled to group benefits, $20 off THSC membership, monthly newsletter and first dibs on planned events!

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